What Size Water Bottle Is Best For School?

 A common misconception is “the bigger the better.”  Although size is a key determiner in some instances, it isn’t when choosing water bottles for schools.

It is essential to stay hydrated throughout the day, and if you have a student of whatever age living in your house (or are one yourself), a drinking water bottle should always be packed in your lunch or backpack.

 With the rise in awareness of environmental health and safety practices, many schools now advocate the use of reusable water bottles for schools. It is indeed a beautiful initiative, but sometimes you can’t help but wonder what bottles are actually best for school. If this decision plagues you, you’d find some helpful tips and guidance in this article.


Do I Really Need A Water Bottle For School?

Investing in a good water bottle is always a smart move. This is because you (or your kids) need to stay hydrated all day.

Also, it is an amazing way to protect your child’s health, and even yours too. With the rise of diseases like hepatitis, this is one of the steps you can take to prevent and protect yourself and your loved ones from the disease. Having a personalised and healthy water bottle for each member of your family can limit the sharing of personal items and the sharing of personal items among their friends/peers.

If you were ever in doubt whether or not you and your kids need their personalised water bottles, yes, you all do.


Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Water Bottles For School

When it comes to choosing the right water bottles for school, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to it. The best water bottle for you might not appeal to another. Therefore, it is a thing of personal choice and preference.

However, there are certain things and qualities to look out for when choosing a water bottle for school. Let’s explore them.


  1. The Right Size

In some situations, size does matter. If your goal is to get kids water bottles for school, then you may want to opt for more smaller and portable bottles. A portable water bottle is easy to carry around and will be convenient for your kid as well.

In order to get amazing ideas on water bottles for schools, you can check out our website. While there, ensure to purchase one or two for your kids. A wonderful choice would be the 14 oz stainless steel insulated kids water bottle with straw. This design comes in various colours like mint green, blue, red, pink and yellow. The slim feature of the bottle makes it portable for a child to have a firm grip holding it.


  1. Capacity

The water content a water bottle can hold is another reason to consider picking a water bottle for school. The aim of giving your child a water bottle to take to school is to ensure that your child stays hydrated throughout the day. If the water bottle is too small, the aim would be defeated.

As much as you can, however, ensure not to give your child water bottles that are too big. The capacity is what matters more.

You can try our  20 oz stainless steel kids water bottle with straw. This bottle is portable enough to fit into your kid’s small hands, and large enough to supply them sufficient water through the day. This bottle is available in pink, white and green.


  1. School Policies

If your child’s school has policies on the size and type of water bottles approved within the school premises, it makes the decision easier.

Usually, the school must have done their research on the best kids water bottles for school nd will thus, recommend it. You can therefore, rest assured knowing that your child will always have a water bottle with them.


  1. Tight Cap

Another thing you must consider when choosing a water bottle for school is how well the cap shuts. You’d want your kids to have a leak-proof water bottle for school to avoid it spilling over their books and school materials.

A perfect fit would be our 13 oz stainless steel insulated kids water bottle with straw. This bottle has a decent capacity and is portable. Your child can easily carry it around, and you also won’t have to worry about them not getting enough water in a day. You can get this in either colours white, cyan, beige or pink.


  1. Personal Choice

Your child, no matter their age, is not too young to have a personal preference in the type of water bottle for school that they want. You can decide to shop with your child and let them pick the one that appeals most to them. Simply click on this link to get started.


What Size Water Bottle Is Best For School?

How can you tell if your kids water bottles for school is neither too big nor too small?  Sometimes, using better judgement can prove to be wrong. Therefore, rather than guessing what size is right and what size isn’t, use the information below to guide you.

If your child is between ages 5-9, the perfect size for them would be a 12 oz water bottle. This is perfect for a kids water bottle for school.

A 16 oz water bottle is perfect for a child between ages 9-13. This capacity ensures they get just the right amount of water to stay hydrated daily.

For teenagers between 13-18 years, a 20 oz water bottle would suffice. This is due to the fact that they exhaust more energy within the day and would require just as much fluids to stay hydrated.

A 24 oz is a perfect fit for individuals above 18 years who require water bottles for schools. If this is the category you belong, you can try our 24 oz plastic Tritan water bottle with filter. This water bottle is handy and gives you the option of four attractive colours to choose from.



The tips and factors shared here are only meant to serve as a guide in choosing the best water bottles for school. However, your overall decison should be based on and reflect your preference. If you need affordable samples to scroll through, start by checking here.


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