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1. How will my order be shipped?

We offer FREE First-Class Shipping or $4.99 Priority Mail® shipping on all domestic orders.  All orders will have a tracking number.

2. What is the delivery time for my order?

Expect Free First Class Shipping to take approximately 3-5 days and Priority Mail® approximately 2-3 days from your shipped order notification email to be delivered.  

3. Does FJBOTTLES ship internationally?

Yes!  We use United States Postal Service ( for international orders.  Orders are shipped via Priority Mail® and rates are calculated using current shipping fees. Orders under 4 lbs. (1.8 kg) have the option of being shipped First-Class Mail International® at the current rates to your country.  We do not charge handling or other additional fees.

4. What is the delivery time for international orders?

Depending on your location and whether you ship your package via Priority Mail® or First-Class Mail International®, your order is normally delivered between 6-10 days.  All international orders will have a tracking number that you can track at  

5. Will I be charged sales tax on my order? 


6. Where are your products manufactured? 

Our products are manufactured in internationally where we work closely with our partners to ensure the highest quality products we can.  However, all of our products are designed and shipped from our headquarters in the France, where we have been designing titanium products since 2002.

7.How can I contact customer support if I trouble with my bottle?

Here our contact email

8.Will it fit in a car cup holder?

Yes it will fit, the diameter measures 3.0 inches

9.Can this bottle be placed in the dishwasher?

I recommends handwash inner wall of the double-layer and you can wash the lid by a dishwasher. Handwash detail: After use, please rinse it with water first. If there is dirt, use a FJbottle brush to clean it.

10.Does the straw has bpa or bfa in it?

It states in the listing all things coming in contact with the beverage are bpa free.

11.It fit in cup holders?

This shop has a standard 18oz Stainless Steel & Vacuum Insulated Bottle, suitable for cup holder.

12.Does this bottle rust?

The bottle made of stainless steel which is Anti-rust all the time .

13.Is this easy to suck up?

Yes,it's special design makes it easy to suck up.

14.Can hot tea or coffee be put in it?

Yes, you can put anything inside of the bottle.

15.Does the straw include?

Yes, inclede the water bottle,1 straw lid.

16.Will this water bottle fit a standard car cup holder?

Yes, it will fit, the diameter measures 3.0 inches

17.Will this keep my drink really hot? I've had other bottles stating they will for 12+ hours and it's not very warm at all after a few?

My experience has been several hours to maintain “hot” liquid. 12 hours is asking a lot of this product considering the bottle has somewhat limited vacuum insulation for high performance temperature retention. I would say 6 hours is reasonable depending on what your definition of “hot” after 6 hours is.

18.How good is this bottle for hot coffee?

Great for hot or cold liquids.

19.How do you use the lifetime warranty?

One years warranty.