Guide to choosing the best metal water bottle for drinking water

Guide to choosing the best metal water bottle for drinking water

There are several varieties of water bottles and selecting your next water bottle requires choosing from a wide range of varieties. Plastic or metal? If metal, which of the materials from the available varieties? This is a guide on what you should look out for in choosing the best metal bottle for drinking water that will suit your needs.

What are the benefits of metal water bottles?

1. It reduces exposure to harmful chemical substances

Bisphenol A, also known as BPA is one of the major harmful chemical substances used in the production of plastics, including plastic water bottles. It has been banned in China, Malaysia, and some other countries for use in baby bottles and other products. However, it still finds its way into plastic water bottles. Using a metal water bottle helps you to avoid this and other related chemical substances which could be dangerous to your health and well-being.

2. It is more durable

Metal water bottles generally last longer than plastic bottles. This is due to the ability of the metals to resist external damages and withstand harsh weather conditions which could easily affect plastic bottles. They are also non-corrosive.

3.  It is easy to clean

Most of the materials used in making metal bottles are stain resistant and easy to clean after use.

4. It helps to maintain the temperature of the water

You don’t want your hot water to become cold after a few minutes, likewise, you won’t like to take a cold tea or coffee. Metal water bottles have insulators that keep the temperature of your water, either cold or hot, at the same temperature for a longer period compared to plastic water bottles.


Different materials of metal bottle

Now you have decided to choose a metal water bottle, the next few paragraphs explain the different types of materials used for metal bottles. It also contains all you need to know before deciding which metal water bottle to choose.

1. Aluminium water bottle

Aluminium water bottles are notable for being safe for storing and drinking water. They do not expose users to health hazards as there are only a few cases where the chemical substances used in the production of the bottles contaminate the content. Although some aluminium bottles have been found to contain BPA and other toxic chemicals. We have saved you the stress of checking for toxic substances in water bottles by providing aluminium water bottles that are free from such chemicals in our store.

Aluminium water bottles can also be used for a very long time without wear and tear. This is because you can easily pick it up when it falls. More so, it can withstand all sorts of weather conditions which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses.

In addition, aluminium water bottles are also friendly to the ecosystem as they do not usually pose a threat to the environment. Although aluminium, just like other metals, takes a long time to decompose, it can be easily recycled within a short time. It can also be recycled many times, without losing its efficiency.


2. Stainless steel water bottle

One of the major qualities of stainless steel water bottles is the ability to retain water temperature, either cold or hot, for a good period of time.

When placed in a bag, plastic water bottles tend to easily soak the contents of the bag, especially when the water is cold. However, stainless steel water bottles are made in two layers of compartments to prevent condensation, thereby hindering the flow of water to the outer walls of the bottle. Also, the airtight covers of stainless steel water bottles prevent accidental spillage.

Stainless steel water bottles do not expose the user to any health hazards. This is because it doesn’t contain the hazardous substances present in some plastic water bottles. This makes it safe for storing and drinking water. However, you may expose yourself to health challenges when you fail to clean the bottle after use.

It’s important to note that stainless steel water bottles are usually more expensive than most of the other metal and plastic water bottle materials. However, they are cost-effective in the long run, due to their durability. Most importantly, stainless steels are recyclable, which makes the bottles eco-friendly.

3. Titanium water bottle

If you have been looking for a water bottle with the strength of stainless steel, but has a lighter weight, a titanium water bottle is the best choice for you. It is portable and easy to carry for outdoor activities such as hiking and jogging due to its lightweight.

A titanium water bottle is durable and also safe for storing and drinking water. In addition, it is mold and bacteria-resistant and doesn’t leave any metallic or off-flavor tastes in your liquid. However, before you decide to choose this material, note that it is more expensive than other materials used for water bottles such as aluminium and stainless steel.

Which metal water bottle is best for health?

Now you are wondering which of the materials listed above is the best and healthiest drinking water bottle to meet your needs in 2022. Although, it’s believed in some quarters that stainless steel water bottles stand out from the others due to the qualities of the material. All the materials are good for your health and they do not pose any danger to your health and well-being, as long as they are carefully manufactured and designed to avoid corrosion and leaching.

Price comparison of metal bottles

We have several metal bottles in our to suit your needs. We offer affordable stainless steel water bottles within the range of $20 - $30. As said earlier, titanium water bottles are more expensive than stainless water bottles. With a budget of $139, a titanium water bottle awaits you in our store.

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