13 Things To Look For In The Best Sports Water Bottle



It may seem like something of very little importance but a good sports water bottle can make or break your workout! Keeping check on your water intake is one of the most important things that you need to take care of in your fitness journey. And what better partner to have than the very best sports water bottle that will be with you through thick and thin.

We have curated a list of factors that you need to look out for when you are looking for the sports water bottle of your dreams. Just keep these things in mind and you are golden!





  • Structure

Finding a sports water bottle can be a real hard task if you donot know what to look for in the structure of the bottle. It is really important to understand that a bottle has to niether be too big nor too small but sometimes it is more than that. We often see bottles that are of a different look than normal bottle. Sometimes the bottleneck is very shapely and slender, other times it is wide and has a big cap on top. Sometimes the cap is very pretty to look at but it is super heavy or has a sort of design that accumulates dust and dirt. The design of your bottle has everything to do with daily use and how it will affect you. Therefore, whenever you are picking out a bottle, look at its structure and design.

  • With or Without Straw

It is really a matter of personal choice that allows you to go for a bottle with or without a straw. Both types of bottles have their own advantages and drawbacks. Sometimes, bottles with straws are really hard to clean because you might not have a straw cleaner at hand. Similarly, some people find it hard to drink from bottles without a straw because too much water gushes out. 

  • Durability

The best sports water bottle is the one that is durable and can go on for a long while. You have a rough and tough task set up if you are opting for a sports water bottle rather than a normal everyday drinkin water bottle. Whenever you pick out a water bottle, always be mindful of the fact that it has to be a strong material that does not easily scratch or stain. It must also be hard enough to bear a fall or more. It must be a good fit for a runner or jogger if they are planning to carry it along. Even for a cyclist, it should have the kind of strength needed for a good work out. 

  • Hold and Grip

Your hold and grip really matters. Always choose a bottle that is easy to carry along. Whenever you are out there choosing the best sports water bottle, you must understand that it is literally going to go everwhere with you, you will carry it along with you to your runs or even to the gym. This is why the bottle that you select must be easy to hold. It cannot be slippery of too easily dropped because that would just end up in a broken or dented bottle, nor can it be too rough to hold so as to chafe your hands. 

  • Insulated Sports Water Bottle

An insulated sports water bottle solves so many problems that you would be amazed. Firstly, it helps keep the water at the most optimum temperature. You can decide the kind of temperature you want to drink you water at. Then it is up to the bottle to miantain that temperature and make life a little easy for you. Secondly, if the weather is hot outside and you prefer cold water, an insulated sports water bottle will do that for you with very little effort on your part. And if it’s cold outside and you want a room temperature sort of drinking water, the bottle will have you covered as well.

  • Volume

The contents of a water bottle are equally important as the outside design, shape and structure. The volume of water that your bottle holds is something that can either make or break your workout. You want to avoid extremes when it comes to choosing a sports water bottle with a good volume. You donot want to choose a big sports water bottle that has too much volume because that would just be tedious to carry around. You also donot want to be taking around a bottle the size of a juicebox and have to fill it up every 15 seconds. 

  • Gym Friendly

An ideal sports water bottle is one that is gym friendly. You can really test the true importance of a good sports water bottle at the gym, it will either make a hundred times easier for you or a hundred times difficult. Whenever you are out to find out the perfect water bottle, it must really be understood that the bottle will go with you to the gym. That means that it needs to be sturdy and heavy duty. It also means that it cannot be leaky or very hard to open and drink. When you are on the treadmill, it is very hard to open a complicated bottle and drink from it.

  • Size

Whenever you are choosing the best sports water bottle, size does matter! Just pay attention to the fact that you may be tempted to buy a big sports water bottle so that you drink more water but is it worth it? The bigger the bottle, the heavier it is and the harder it will be to carry. It can really ruin your workout if you have to carry a really heavy and huge sports water bottle around. Similarly, a really small bottle is also not the greatest sports water bottle, it will never carry enough water and you will always be running thirsty to the water fountain. 

  • Materials

Sports water bottles are made up of mainly two types of materials. They can either be made up of metal or plastic. Each has its own benefits and it may depend on your preferences in the end. If you are looking for a deeper, cleaner finish with a little less durability then a glass water bottle is something that you might like. If your choice is that of a more durable and gym friendly bottle that take some beating in rough and tough situations, you might like the plastic sports water bottle more than the others. 

  • Easy To Clean

Cleaning your sports water bottle can be a really daunting task if you donot choose the right one. Keep in mind that since it is being used almost daily, you will have to clean it frequently. Cleaning a bottle is not hard but if the mouth is too small, the nozzle keeps accumulating dirt, the hand is too tight or the bottle is too big, it can be a problematic task. This is why when you choose the bottle, it is always good to think how you would proceed with cleaning it. That clarifies a lot. 

  • Custom Sports Water Bottles

Another great thing about picking your bottle is that you can opt for custom made bottle. It is a reflection of one’s own personal choice and it shows that you have put some time and thought into your bottle. The best sports water bottle is the one that attracts you the most, it should motivate you to work out and that is exactly what a custom sports water bottle does. Have fun with it, put your favorite quote on it, put up a picture that motivates or even a cartoon that makes you smile. It is an expression of yourself and it makes a big difference.  

  • Nozzle

The nozzle of the bottle is literally the only part of the bottle that will touch your mouth and it has to be chosen carefully. Be mindful that you donot choose a misfit nozzle. You can even end up hurting yourself or your gums while drinking from a poorly chosen nozzle. The best sports water bottle might be the one which has the perfect length and width for its nozzle, it niether too wide nor too narrow. It is also important to note that the material of your nozzle should not be one that collects dirt and residue because that is very unhygienic. 

  • Lightweight

The only drawback of a big sports water bottle is that is heavy. You will have to be careful about finding a bottle that is a good size but it is also lightweight. The lighter the bottle, the less stressful you will be while carrying it along. Sometimes in the gym, you can place your water bottle somewhere and that makes it a little easier. But if you are a runner, you might not have that option and a heavy bottle could really affect your tempo a lot. The best sports water bottle is one that creates the perfect balance between size and weight.

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