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Great bottle and great service.

I had a request to get a customized bottle and was able to work with someone through the whole process. The bottle turned out great, and I love the sip cap design with the magnet on the 34 oz navy bottle. Would definitely buy again.


I was a skeptic about this bottle due to its pricing as well as its very few reviews and videos of it. However, it has exceeded my expectations as it had been in a very hot car for six hours, and the ice had melted along with the exterior being hot to the touch. The water was still nice, chill, and refreshing. It also holds in heat very well as I had put hot tea within and had put it in the fridge just for the simulation of weather, and it stayed hot for approximately ten hours. This had surely exceeded my expectations.

Great bottle!

It's sturdy, high-quality, keeps water cool, feels good to hold, and the ability to open it single-handedly while driving is nice. Highly recommend

Absolutely loving it

Purchased those two bottles after watched YouTube reviews. It's free shipping. It took about a week to reach us in Darwin Australia. My kids play tennis, they absolutely love the bottle. The smart design, ice kept cooler longer. We will definitely buy our bottles from here all the time.

I haven't received the bottle I paid for

I haven't received the bottle I paid for

Good but not great

I love the bottle for daily hikes but definitely not for multi-day hikes. If weight is a priority then you can find plenty of bottles/carriers considerably lighter than this. Whilst Ill enjoy using this top quality bottle I dont think they should call it lightweight.

Staying hydrated

Staying hydrated this morning, it’s nearly 8am and it’s already quite warm

Not what I was expecting

Firtst off the "75 oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle For Travel" is only 74 oz, but that's a minor gripe. Secondly and most importantly, this product is listed under the “Sports Insulated Water Bottle” tab on the Online Store. I’m sorry to find out it’s not insulated, and it sweats quicker on a cold night than I do when I exercise on a hot day. The ice(along with cold water) I put in it is gone in just a few minutes. This does not fit my needs as i was expecting. I tried to contact the company to requst a refund but no one has responded. I am really disappointed.

Great water ?? bottle

Great water bottle but I’m waiting for the lid to break hopefully not.

best ever

I was not planning to be in love with this water bottle.. but I must say it is wonderful. Right size for my hand, comfortable to hold, keeps beverages very cold, easy to clean and carry. I don't like straws, I never feel like they are clean and this one doesn't require one. Bonus...I am drinking more water compared to regular water bottles (not to mention they have gotten so expensive) use my Brita water filter now


Solid sturdy keeps drinks hot or cold. Easy carry case which you need as bottle is a little on the heavy side compared to others which is why I dropped 1 start other than that it's grate.

Water bottle

Love this water bottle easy to fill and drink. I prefer the smaller spout mouth verses wide. Perfect size for me. I like the rubber bottom.


Ottima bottiglia, resistente e con la sacca termica. D'estate, per lavoro sono spesso in giro tutto il giorno in macchina, e l'acqua rimane fresca fino alla sera. La sacca a tracolla è comodissima. Molto soddisfatta!

Does it's job and stays cool for hours

Having just worked in a stifling school for 6 days, I can confirm, with or without ice cubes added, this bottle really does keep your drink cool for at least 8 hours (I'd finished it by that timescale). Although a bit pricey to just take a drink with you, it is worth it for the coolness it provides; also coming with it's own little carry bag will make it much easier to carry on walks too.

Meets expectations

Received my bottle and was not disappointed. It came with an insulated sleeve I was not expecting, The opening is large enough for Ice cubes to easily go into, that may seem like a non issue when purchasing a bottle but believe me it makes a huge difference when putting ice into it.
The cap comes with a pop up locking cap keeps your drink from spilling when tilted.
I would buy this item again.

It’s keeps hot and cold when I need it.

Arrived on time, Very good product.

Love it!

Loved this so much I bought a second one.

Nice to hold

Nice to hold keeps drinks cold for hours

Does the job.

Tried and tested while hiking to the top of a snowy mountain. My tea was still piping hot.

Favourite bottles

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?Originally brought the 750ml bottle for my boyfriend a few months ago and he loved it so I decided to buy one for myself in the 550ml.

Theyre leakproof and keep drinks cold for ages, great for summer ! Never used for hot drinks but Im not sure many people would want to drink a hot drink through a straw but it has the option.

Really sturdy and great quality theyre Scratch resistant and has the anti slip on the bottom. Easy to clean, comes with a straw cleaner which is good for the straw and lid and is also dishwasher safe.

Would highly recommend.

Fun and ideal for kids

My daughter loves her new drink bottle!

It's a good size for toddlers and kids; being small and light enough to pick up, even when full. I was very impressed.

Fantastic bottle with few tiny buts

After having this bottle for a few weeks Im ready to give my opinion.

Good quality, sturdy, nice to touch.
Found few downsides: a bit hard to drink and ... the base is bigger than car cup holder (

OK but

The bottle design is great, but, the mouth piece too small, I feel it is hard to drink from it. I have to tip my head so far back, or put mouth at z funny angle I feel I am choking whilst trying to drink. I wanted a screw top, as hygienic, easy, they don't leak, easy cleaning. The colours are a but garish, but I over looked it. But the actual mouth piece is a problem I may return it, as hard to use for me personally.

Lovely bottle

Comes with cleaning brushes which is great. Easy to open and close, and it doesnt leak!