What Is The Use Of Food Grade Stainless Steel?

A food-grade stainless steel material is a steel material that is used in the food industry. This material type can survive wear and tear, and as such, is also safe for use for cooking various kinds of food. This material is resistant to heat, making it possible to be used over heat.


The food-grade stainless steel was designed specifically for use in the food industry. This is so because stainless steel is naturally ideal for hygienic food packaging and processing. This steel is durable, easy to clean and resistant to corrosion.


In this article, we will explore the use and benefits of food-grade stainless steel, as well as the different stainless steel food-grade.


Grades Of Stainless Steel

There are different grades of stainless steel which are useful for different purposes. This versatile material is usually used in diverse applications due to its durability, strength and resistance to corrosion. Some of the types of stainless steel grades include:


  • Austenitic Stainless Steel


This is easily the most common type of stainless steel used and accounts for approximately 70% of steel produced. This grade of stainless steel is often used for items like food processing equipment, medical equipment and even chemical processing devices. Some of the best austenitic stainless steel bottles and flasks can be found here.


  • Ferritic Stainless Steel


This type of steel contains a high level of chromium and is highly magnetic. This is a great choice for automotive parts and some appliances.


  • Martensitic Stainless Steel


This grade of stainless steel is characterised by being low-carbon but is also hardened by a heat treatment. It is magnetic, has good resistance to corrosion and is used for items like knives and scissors.


Uses Of Food-Grade Stainless Steel

Austenitic grade stainless steel is the grade of stainless steel that is used heavily in the food industry. This is so because this food-grade steel is more hygienic and safer for consumption. Some of the common uses include;


  1. Food Processing Equipment


Food-grade stainless steel is used in the manufacture of food processing equipment. This type of steel is easy to clean, easy to maintain and does not react when in contact with acidic or alkaline substances. Some examples of food processing equipment in this category include blenders, mixers, food processors etc.


  1. Kitchen Appliances


Food-grade stainless steel is also used in the production of kitchen and home appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, electric/gas burners etc. This is a great choice for use because it is easy to clean.


  1. Water Bottles


Food-grade stainless steel is also used in the production of steel water bottles. Stainless steel water bottles have become increasingly popular and will only continue to do so. This is due to the fact that they are environmentally friendly, reusable and a reliable alternative to plastics. If you are seeking where to get quality and affordable stainless steel water bottles, check FJbottle. You can try any in our stainless steel collection.


However, some of our best-selling bottles in this category include the 18 oz stainless steel insulated water bottle with straw. This water bottle is handy, and attractive and comes in a variety of colours. You can take this with you to work, to the gym or even for an evening walk in the park.


Another excellent choice would be the 34 oz stainless steel insulated water bottle. You can purchase this in either black, navy blue, mint green, pink or army green. Although this bottle has a plain and simple design, it is attractive in its own way. This will be a great choice if your style is to opt for something simple yet classy.


You could also try either the 24 oz stainless steel insulated water bottle with spout or the 34 oz stainless steel insulated water bottle with spout. This water bottle comes with a little strap that makes it easy to carry around. When you take this water bottle to the gym, you’d have all eyes on you.


  1. Food Storage Containers


Food-grade steel is used in the production of food storage containers like food flasks. This is so because these items usually have an airtight lid. This way, you won’t suffer damage to certain food items that shouldn’t come in contact with air. Whether you own a commercial kitchen, a restaurant, or simply just your household kitchen, ensure to invest in such storage containers.


  1. Food Preparation Surfaces


It is common for commercial kitchens to have stainless steel worktables. This is a common practice not only because they are hygienic and safe to use, but also because they are easy to clean and sanitize. This food-grade stainless steel surface does not absorb bacteria, which makes it the best option for food preparation.


Benefits Of Food-Grade Stainless Steel

Using food-grade stainless steel for food-related materials is a healthy choice. Here are some of the reasons why food-grade stainless steel is a worthy choice;


  1. Food-grade steel materials are resistant to corrosion. What this means is that this material can withstand acidic or alkaline substances without causing harm to the steel. This is great because a lot of food items contain some levels of acidic or alkaline elements.
  2. An austenitic stainless steel does not react with food items. That is,you can store and preserve food items in this stainless steel material without fear of damage to he items. This makes it ideal in the production and storage of food items.
  3. Whether you are going to hand-wash your stainless steel materials or put them in a dishwasher, you do not have to stress over them as a food-grade stainless steel material is easy to wash and maintain.this is an important feature in the food industry where hygiene is crucial.
  4. The food-grade stainless steel material is also durable and can withstand temperature changes. This makes it longlasting as temperature cannot easily damage the material. If you need something that would last a while, this is your best bet.



Food-grade stainless steel is an essential material in the food industry. Whether you own a commercial kitchen, a restaurant or even just your household kitchen, ensure to invest in quality food-grade stainless steel. From refridgerators, to work spaces and even to water bottles, stainless steel is an excellent choice. You can purchase your quality and affordable stainless steel water bottles from our website.


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