How Do I Choose A Bike Bottle?

Biking is one fun activity that covers both recreation and exercise. It is a great way to exercise, stay fit and at the same time, explore nature and the world around you. Biking, just like any other sport can make you lose bodily fluids quickly. And if that is the case, then you would need to consistently have them replaced often.

Staying hydrated through your biking adventure is vital. And for that to happen, you would need an on-the-go bike water bottle. This article will teach you how to identify and choose the best bike water bottle.


What Size Is The Best For Cycling?

The size of cycling water bottles differs according to brand, design and preference. However, depending on how long you would be riding, you would need a water bottle of between 21-26 oz capacity.

This will help ensure that you get enough water to stay hydrated while you cycle. The best bike water bottle you need is available on our website. You sure would find one that ticks all your boxes.


How To Choose  A Bike Water Bottle

If you seeking to determine how to choose a bike water bottle, there are certain factors to consider. The tips shared below will help you make an informed decision before purchasing a water bottle.


  1. The Material Used

The material used in making cycling water bottles is an important factor to take note of. The most common materials are plastic, metal and glass, and these are easily the best. However, it is best to choose a bike water bottle depending on your needs and preference.

Plastic water bottles will give you more options in terms of design and weight; metal water bottles give you a better advantage if you want to retain the temperature of your beverages, and glass is a great choice if you are looking for sustainability.


  1. The Size

The size of the water bottle is another important factor to be mindful of. In most cases, you must have gotten your bike before purchasing a water bottle. And if your bike comes fitted with a water bottle holder for the bike, ensure to get a water bottle that fits perfectly.

The water bottle holder on your bike thus influences the size of the bike water bottle you need. Ensure your bottle is neither too big nor smaller than the frame.

There are different water bottle sizes, all suitable for cycling available on our website. You will find only the best bike water bottles here. A great choice would be the 20 0z stainless steel insulated water bottle. You can have this in either orange and black, pink and purple, blue and navy or avocado colour variants.

Another amazing option is the 22 oz plastic gym shaker water bottle. This water bottle is quite handy and perfect for a cycling spree.


  1. Cap And Valve

This is another important feature that often goes ignored. The cap and valve are important features to consider when choosing a water bottle to meet your biking needs. This is because you would need a bike water bottle that shuts tightly in order to avoid spills or leakage. The cap can either be a screw-on cap or a push-pull valve.

You can opt for our 24 oz plastic Tritan water bottle with filter. This affordable water bottle is a great option for a bike water bottle. Its slim design will definitely fit into your water bottle holder for your bike.


  1. Easy To Clean

Your bike water bottle should be easy to clean and wash. Whether you want to wash it by hand or by using a dishwasher, ensure that it gets clean and easily too. While biking, the exterior of your bottle will get dusty, so it is only expected that you keep it clean. Also. in order to avoid the build-up of bacteria, ensure to wash the inside of your water bottle thoroughly. This ensures that you always have a healthy bottle to drink from.

You can purchase the 34 oz stainless steel insulated luminous water bottle white. The white exterior of the water bottle will enable you to notice any smudge of dirt immediately and clean it up as soon as possible. The water bottle has a simple, yet attractive design and will be a great choice for cycling water bottles. This bottle is also easy to clean.


  1. The Shape Of The Bottle

Although this is similar to the size of the bottle, another crucial thing to take note of is the shape of the bottle. Most water bottles are cylindrical in shape and are what can fit into the water bottle holder for bike. Some bikes can only accommodate certain water bottle shapes, so ensure to check for compatibility before purchasing one.

Most of our water bottles at Fj bottles fit this category. However, with the 18 oz plastic Tritan water bottle with straw, you can never go wrong. This is one of the best bike water bottles both in appearance and weight. Also, the shape is just right to fit perfectly into almost any water bottle holder for bike. The bottle is also affordable, so you do not have to break the bank for it.


  1. The Price Of The Bottle

The price of the bottle should also be one of the key factors to look out for when purchasing a bike water bottle. You do not have to go over and beyond your budget just to get a good water bottle. There are a lot of good brands out there that do not compromise the quality of the water bottle you would get, nor do they make it unnecessarily expensive.

Fj bottles are one of such brands that sell affordable water bottles to suit your budget, without having to compromise the quality of bottles. Affordable doesn’t always mean bad or low quality.



Choosing the best bike water bottle doesn’t have to be a hard sport. Although there are particular things to look out for, the important thing is that you stick with your style and preference. All of these factors combined are essential for you to have a comfortable, enjoyable and hydrating biking experience. Ensure to get your cycling water bottles here, where you are assured of quality and affordability.


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