What Should I Drink For Good Health?


There are many fluids you can adopt into your diet for a healthier lifestyle. Of course, pure water tops the list, however, there are a few other things you can try to stay hydrated and still maximize your health. Drinking fluids regularly is an important habit you must inculcate for healthy living.

In this article, you’d learn what types of drinks you can take to maintain good health against those you should avoid or at least consume in moderation. You’d also learn the health benefits of drinking fluids like water and even tea.


What Is The Best Time To Drink Water Daily?

The timing at which you drink water daily is as important as the fluid itself. To get the most out of your water-drinking habits, include these timings in your daily schedules and ensure to prioritize them.

  1. First Thing In The Morning

Making this a habit is a must-do as it has great health benefits. The first thing you should consume early in the morning right after bed is a glass of water. Every morning, you wake up already dehydrated. It is thus, unwise to go about your day without trying to curb the situation and get yourself hydrated.

  1. Before/During Meals

Drinking pure water before a meal is important, but not as important and necessary as during a meal. While having a meal, ensure to drink water as this aids digestion.

  1. Mid-Afternoon

Whether it’s a rather hot day or not, ensure to drink sufficient amounts of water in the middle of the day, say at about 3 pm. Drinking water throughout the day keeps you hydrated and also ensures you perform at your optimum without compromising your productivity level.

An effective way to ensure you never run out of water throughout the day is by getting yourself a handy water bottle you can easily carry around. You can check our website for handy water bottles you can conveniently carry around with you.

  1. During Exercise

Contrary to what many people know and believe, you are expected to drink water before, during and even after a workout session. This helps you stay hydrated all through the period.

  1. Having A Headache

If you are having a headache or a migraine, one of the first things you should do, even before taking any pills is to drink some water. A headache might be your body’s way of alerting you that you are dehydrated or need a break.


Health Benefits Of Drinking Fluids Throughout Your day

Water makes up a large component of your body and besides the fact that drinking water keeps you hydrated, there are other ways it is beneficial to your health.

  1. Clear Skin

If you want that naturally glowing skin, make sure to drink lots of water daily. Besides water, you can also try a beverage like green tea. Dehydration can lead to many skin blemishes including rashes and even wrinkles. If that is the case, then it means that proper hydration can help clear up those skin impurities.

  1. Weight Control

While milk and other such beverages might aid weight gain, drinking pure water can help you lose weight or simply maintain a healthy body mass. Drinking sufficient water can help minimize cravings for calorie-filled juices and help you maintain a healthy weight.

  1. Regulates Blood Pressure

Drinking sufficient water daily can help in regulating your blood pressure. That is, it can prevent it from either being too high or too low.

  1. Regulates Body Temperature

If you do not have a habit of drinking water throughout your day, it is an important habit to cultivate. This is so because it can help to regulate your body’s temperature from being too hot or too cold.

  1. Boosts Your Energy

One health benefit of drinking fluids throughout your day is that it helps to boost your energy and enhance productivity. A substitute for water could be tea or iced fresh fruit juice.

  1. Better Kidney Health

Drinking enough fluids, especially pure water goes a great way in improving the overall health and functioning of your kidneys. If there isn’t enough water in your kidneys, it can lead to a lot of kidney problems and health complications.

  1. Aids Digestion

One of the benefits of fluids to the body is that it aids digestion. While having a meal, ensure to have a glass of water or any other beverage alongside. This can prevent choking, which could then lead to even more complicated challenges.

  1. Aids Proper Joint Health

 The health of your bones and joints must be a priority always. Drinking enough fluids daily can help to preserve the overall health of your bones and joints. A severely dehydrated state can have adverse effects on the bones of the body, for example, the spine.

  1. Better Brain Performance

The more fluids you take daily, the better the brain functions. This is so because adequate fluids help to protect the brain from certain injuries. Dehydration can affect your ability to focus, and your ability to reason coherently and even cause minimal or severe memory loss.

  1. Aids The Absorption Of Nutrients

Hydration makes the nutrients you can consume in your meals to be more effective. You can even decide to opt for other nutritious fluids like vegetable juice, coconut milk and tea.


Other Healthy Fluids You Can Take Daily

  • Tea: This is a healthy beverage that is enjoyed and loved by many people across the globe. There are different types of tea, all with their health benefits. However, adding sugar or sweeteners tends to make it a counterproductive healthy choice.
  • Iced Fresh Fruit Juice: Iced fresh fruit juice is a great choice of fluids you can take to stay healthy. It can keep you refreshed and hydrated, especially on a hot, sunny day. This iced fresh fruit juice is also a great source of essential vitamins.
  • Vegetable Juice: Blending your vegetables can be a great hydrating drink that is as healthy as it is refreshing. You can either decide to make vegetable juice or have vegetables infused in your drinking water for added benefits.
  • Coconut Water: Coconut water is an excellent fluid to take to stay hydrated all day long. It is also healthy as it contains electrolytes like sodium and magnesium which help in regulating the body’s fluid balance.
  • Milk: Milk is not only healthy and beneficial to babies’ health and bodies alone. It serves as a healthy and hydrating beverage that provides your body with the nutrients it needs daily.


Drinking fluids throughout your day is as refreshing as it is beneficial. Sometimes, though, you may get carried away and forget to stay hydrated. As explained above, staying hydrated is a necessary health habit to have. You can get a plastic water bottle in which you can put your beverages or water. To purchase the best quality bottles at affordable prices, check here.


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