Is It Healthy To Drink Water From Plastic Bottles?


The invention and use of plastics in packaging food have given rise to the speculation that using plastic-made materials for food and beverage can cause cancer. This has made most people sceptical about drinking water from plastic bottles. While it is not valid that plastics are cancer-causing agents, as there are no standard research and facts to back this claim, it doesn’t rule out the fact that everyone seeks to purchase safe plastic water bottles, nor does it mean that all plastics are fit to package consumable foods.


If you are not conversant with the types of plastic and the types that are used for healthy human water bottles, you may end up buying the wrong one. If you have the same doubts as to whether it is safe or not to drink water from plastic bottles, stick around to the end of this post and you’d definitely learn a thing or two.

Advantages Of Plastic Bottles


Are there any advantages of using plastic water bottles? Well, the thing is, even if using plastics is not a healthy choice, especially as a reusable water bottle, there may still be some good to it and that’s what we’re about to explore below. However, it is totally a myth to believe that using a plastic water bottle is completely bad. Just like anything, there are both good and bad sides to it.


The fact is, there are safe plastic water bottles that help in preserving the content within them, as well as the health of the consumer.


  • Environment Friendly:Although there is a common misconception that plastics cause the most litter, it is not at all true. An environmentally friendly water bottle is made possible when plastic is used to make bottles. This is so because these bottles can easily be picked up if found on the floor. Also, plastic water bottle recycling aids in making the environment healthy.


  • Saves Energy And Resources: The fact that a great percentage of these plastic bottles are reusable water bottles promotes energy saving. That is to say, you only have to worry about the energy and resources you would burn the first time during the creation process. After that, it can be used again and again (and to serve different purposes) without fear of adverse effects.


  • Flexible And Durable: A good plastic water bottle is usually flexible and durable. This means that it does not shatter or get damaged easily, and can withstand certain degrees of temperature change. These plastics can also be molded into different shapes and sizes without causing damage to the material. This feature makes it a better option than glass and also accounts for a healthy human water bottle.


  • Safe And Healthy: BPA-free plastic water bottles are bottles that do not have any additional chemicals to them. These types are what are considered safe plastic water bottles. The addition of chemicals to plastic is what makes it unhealthy for you to store your water, food, or beverage and then consume it. The fj water bottlesare always a healthy choice. We ensure that all our plastic water bottles are made from safe plastic.


  • Lightweight And Affordable: A healthy human water bottle is characterized by the fact that it is always a lightweight water bottle. This is great because carrying your water bottle around doesn’t have to become a chore. An excellent choice in this category is any of our fj water bottles, specifically the 20 oz stainless steel insulated water bottle. Cheap water bottles don’t always mean inferior quality. And that’s what you get when you purchase any of our plastic water bottles— superior quality at an affordable rate.


Disadvantages Of Plastic Bottles


Although plastics are great and have a lot of amazing qualities, especially for water bottles, there are downsides as well. Some of the shortcomings of using a plastic water bottle are:


  • Low Lifespan: Most plastic-made water bottles, though durable, can get scratched easily. It can also be affected if greatly exposed to sunlight. All of these weaken the plastic over time and make it have a shorter lifespan.


  • Easily Absorbs Scent Or Smell: Another downside of using a plastic water bottle is that it easily absorbs the aroma (or smell) of the content stored within it. Also, it could develop its own smell after a few days of continuous use or abandonment. It is quite an easy fix, however, by frequently washing it thoroughly.


  • Environmental Impact: Even though plastic water bottles are environmentally friendly water bottles, they are still one of the leading causes of pollution. Plastic water bottle recycling is a solution to this problem, however, the fact that it still causes environmental pollution is indeed a big problem.


Which Plastic Bottle is Healthy To Drink Water?


The best plastic for water bottles is plastic that has no added chemicals, but even if it does, it does emit the chemicals in the water.


Polypropylene Is one of the safest and healthiest plastics to use for drinking water. However, the general aim should be to select a plastic that has been tested and proven to be BPA-free. An example of a BPA-free plastic water bottle is the Tritan plastic water bottle.


Tristan plastic is the safest and healthiest plastic known to man. Bottles made from Tristan are totally free from BPA and BPS chemicals and are safe to store water or beverages for consumption. If you are concerned about getting sick from using cheap water bottles, you don’t need to be because our Tritan plastic water bottles are guaranteed to keep you from harm.


Some of our best Tritan plastic water bottles are the 18 oz plastic Tritan water bottle with straw; the 16 oz kids Tritan water bottle with straw; and the 24 oz plastic Tritan water bottle with filter. Whichever fits your preference, you can rest assured that what you are getting is a healthy human water bottle.


Our Tritan water bottles are not only safe and healthy to drink from, but they are also affordable and lightweight. Carrying them around is easy and fun. You won’t have to be concerned about getting dehydrated during the day because you have your healthy water bottle with you, ready to save the day. You will also definitely be the envy of everyone around as long as you’re carrying a Tritan plastic water bottle from the fj store.


Drinking from plastics is just as healthy as drinking from a glass bottle. Just ensure that you are getting the right and hygienic types. To make the process easier, you can just go for a Tritan plastic water bottle. You can purchase your quality and affordable Tritan water bottles from our website. Simply click this link.


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