How To Choose A Plastic Water Bottle

Drinking water from a plastic bottle is usually considered one of the safest means of keeping and consuming water. It is also one of the best methods as these bottles can be recyclable. However, it still raises some concerns such as “is it safe to reuse plastic water bottles?”

The struggle in choosing the best plastic water bottle exceeds a thing of design or colour, or attractive it is. There is more to it, but unfortunately, not many people are aware of the things to look out for and consider before choosing reusable plastic water bottles. If you previously thought that all you need to know about choosing a water bottle are the physical qualifications, there are a lot of things you’re about to learn from this post.  

There are different types of plastic water bottles that are safe to use. The question then becomes which of the safe plastic water bottles should you choose and why. There are also different plastic used for making water bottles. If you are considering purchasing a plastic water bottle, there are things you must know and also keep in mind. These factors to be considered are what you need to have in mind before purchasing a plastic water bottle. If you have any of these concerns or questions, you would find this valuable and also get answers to your questions. Keep reading.

What Plastic Is Used For Plastic Bottles?


Although there are different types of plastic, there are specific types that are used to make plastic water bottles. This is called Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). this is to ensure that the water is stored in a safe container, as well as to protect the consumers’ health and well-being.
These reusable plastic water bottles come in different designs, colours, and sizes. They are also very handy and lightweight. A clear example of this is the Tritan plastic water bottle. One of the best features is that you can take it along with you anywhere; the gym, work, school, or any other formal or informal outing.
Many bottling companies prefer to use Polyethylene Terephthalate plastic to make bottles because generally, it is safer to use. It does not make the water or beverage in it develop a metallic kind of taste as is common with some bottles made from metals or steel. Also, it is hygienic, long-lasting, and not easily affected by microorganisms.

What Does PET Mean In Plastic?

PET is the short form of Polyethylene Terephthalate. It is a type of clear and durable material used in making the best plastic water bottle. This type of material is light in weight and is recyclable. That is to say, there are almost no limits to the number of times you can use and reuse PET, except of course it gets utterly damaged. A PET water bottle is, therefore, the best there is.
Due to its eco-friendly nature, PET can be recycled and converted into other items of use. This makes the material effective because it limits the waste of materials and resources. Imagine the funds and energy you would be saving if you owned a beverage or bottling company and only had to create these durable bottles once and not have to worry about the production process ever again.
PET plastic has soon become the most sustainable and best option around. This high rating that PET plastics have is what makes them preferred over other types of plastics. Other reasons why PET bottles are preferred are due to their nature and the fact that other types of plastic are not as strong or hygienic as PET. This plastic type is different from other types in that it has a longer life cycle, and uses less energy in the process of manufacture. It is also more convenient for businesses to transport as it is light.
Polyester, which is the chemical name for Polyethylene Terephthalate is a type of plastic. That is to say, it is not merely a component found in the plastic, but a type of plastic as a whole, and it is used for packaging. The components found in this type of plastic are ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid. These two are then combined, refined, and will then undergo a melting process. It is after this melting process that it can be manipulated to take on any form.

What Are Examples Of PET Plastics?


PET plastics have been used to produce a lot of things we see around and use. These items are also recyclable and can be used again and again without damage to the plastic. Some of the items that can be made from this type of plastic are (but are not restricted to); bottles, jars, carpets, some types of clothing, construction materials, sleeping bags and so much more.


Is PET Plastic Safe For Drinking Water?


The FDA, Health, Canada, as well as other food protection agencies around the world have certified PET plastic safe for foods and beverages. PET bottles are considered safe plastic water bottles because they are free of artificial chemicals which are usually added in the manufacturing process of producing plastics.

These plastics have been in use for a long time without any record of effects on the human body or health. If you are wondering if it is safe to reuse plastic water bottles, if it is PET plastic, then yes, it is safe.


Polycarbonate (PC) Plastic


Polycarbonate (PC) is a type of plastic material. This type of plastic is transparent in nature and has a combination of thermoplastic polymers, which also contain carbonate in all its chemical compartments. This type of plastic, however, is easily prone to heat and easily melts. Although this is a major turn-off for people who want to purchase this type of plastic, there are still some good sides to it. Polycarbonate plastic is durable. It has been tested to be 250 times stronger than glass. It also comes in many different colours; it is light in weight; and relatively easy to cut and shape.


What Is Polycarbonate (PC) Used For?


Polycarbonate is used mostly to make things like baby bottles, CDs, DVDs, automotive parts and components, and many more. Its tender nature ensures that it is used for things that are not meant to undergo much stress. Polycarbonate plastic might wear easily if in continuous and constant use. This type of plastic is recyclable, however, it has to first be melted at 311 degrees F. the thermoplastics are what must be heated to the melting point.


Is Polycarbonate (PC) Plastic Good For Drinking Water?


When considering safe plastic water bottles, Polycarbonate plastic is definitely fit for use. You can use PC plastic for drinking water. If, therefore, your question is are PC plastic water bottles safe, then yes they are. However, if your question is if PC plastic is the best plastic water bottle for use, then no, it is not.


Tritan Plastic

Tritan Plastic is considered the safest plastic in the world. It is a type of plastic that is free from BPA and also BPS. BPA means Bisphenol A, while BPS stands for Bisphenol S, which are both chemicals that are used to make plastic or even fibre materials. Both BPA and BPS can have negative effects on the human body if constantly exposed to them. It is, however, advisable to limit or completely avoid exposure to BPS, especially BPA.


It is not surprising then, that Tritan plastic is considered the safest plastic there is. Without any addition of BPA or BPS, a Tritan plastic water bottle can thus be said to be the best plastic water bottle. Tritan plastic does not react to temperature changes in beverages. That is to say, it can survive either hot or cold liquid temperatures. Tritan wares also have a glass-like look and are unbreakable, which all add to making it a preferred choice. Acidic or alkaline content is still not enough to destroy a Tritan water bottle.


If you are already hooked on Tritan plastic, then you would want to try either the 24 oz plastic Tritan water bottle with filter; the 22 oz plastic gym shaker water bottle, or even the 18 oz plastic Tritan water bottle with straw.


The 24 Oz Plastic Tritan Water Bottle With Filter has an attractive design. It looks feminine and comes in colour variants of pink, blue, mint green, and purple. This Tritan plastic water bottle is handy, classy, and definitely safe to use. You also do not have to worry about breakage as the bottle is durable.


The 22 Oz Plastic Gym Shaker Water Bottle is great for you if you are into sports or frequent the gym. These BPA-free water bottles come in colours red and black. With this bottle, not only do you get access to the best plastic water bottle but imagine being the envy of everyone at the gym because it is indeed a sight to behold.


The 18 Oz Plastic Tritan Water Bottle With Straw is not gender-specific. You can get this Tritan plastic water bottle in either black, pink, red, or blue. This water bottle comes fitted with a straw, so you can still drink from your bottle hands-free. This bottle has a simple design, yet is still lovely. Talk about less is more, right?


You can purchase any of our BPA-free water bottles on our website by clicking here.


What Does PPSU Mean In Plastic?


PPSU is a combination of high-performing thermoplastics, which are known for how tough and strong they are, and also their ability to retain high temperatures. This semi-crystalline plastic is best for appliances that require thermal stability.

Polyphenylene Sulfone is a plastic material. This plastic is manufactured with chemicals like Bisphenol S. PPSU is often used in the production of baby bottles. It is not news that anything that involves baby products needs to be mild and gentle. This goes a long way to prove how mild and safe Polyphenylene Sulfone plastics are.


What Is PPSU Plastic Used For?


PPSU plastic is best used for the production of baby bottles. This elastic is soft yet durable. Thai plastic has a high level of resistance to extreme temperatures. However, due to how light they are, they tend to get damaged more easily than PET plastic.


Is PPSU Plastic Good For Drinking Water?


Polyphenylene plastics are not just used as plastic bottles for baby milk. They can also be used as drinking water bottles, especially for babies. Since this plastic is safe, it is healthy to drink from as well. However, you may need to change these bottles once every three months to maintain their hygienic quality. This is so because this plastic water bottle type might begin to look cloudy and mucky.


What Does High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Mean In Plastic?


This thermoplastic polymer is made from the monomer ethylene. This is also known as alkathene or polythene. And these are used for materials like pipes. HDPE is suitable for materials used for underground work and is resistant to mold and rot.


What Is HDPE Plastic Used For?


HDPE is a type of plastic, which is used mostly for packaging materials like shampoos, car engine oil, bleach, detergent, and surprisingly, milk as well. This plastic is solid and long-lasting.


Is HDPE Good For Drinking Water?


HDPE is widely considered one of the safe plastics out there. And as such, is safe for use as a plastic water bottle. This durable plastic doesn’t easily get damaged and can be used as a material that comes in direct contact with consumable food.


What Does Polypropylene (PP) Mean In Plastic?


Polypropylene can also be referred to as polypropylene. This type of plastic is used for some machine parts, packaging of plastics, as well as textiles and fibres. This material type is light and low in toxicity, which means that it can be used to package some types of food. Polypropylene is considered safe as there are no cancer-causing agents associated with it.


What is Polypropylene (PP) Used For?


Polypropylene plastic is used in the production of a lot of things, including items like vehicle parts, ropes, machine parts and pieces of equipment, and even some types of textiles. This almost versatile plastic is easy to mold and inexpensive.


Is Polypropylene Good For Drinking Water?


This type of plastic has been researched and found to be safe even as a plastic water bottle. The properties of this plastic make it less likely to leach despite exposure to lower temperature degrees.


What Does Polyethylene (PE) Mean In Plastic?


Polyethylene is researched to be the most produced plastic and this is because of its durable nature. The common uses of polyethylene are packing, trash bags, grocery shopping bags, and insulation for wires and cables, among others. This plastic is reusable over and over again in that it can be melted, allowed to cool, and used again. Polyethylene is relatively safe for food and drinks to use.


What Is Polyethylene (PE) Plastic Used For?


Polyethylene is another type of plastic that has multiple uses and functions. This type of plastic can be used for items like toys, squeezable bottles, food wraps, grocery bags and many more. This type of plastic may melt easily when it comes in contact with heat.


Is Polyethylene (PE) Good For Drinking Water?


Polyethylene plastics can be used as packaging materials for plastic water bottles. These plastics are considered safe, although people are generally advised to transfer food content into another container after using a polyethylene plastic container to microwave.


What Plastic is Best For Water?


There are different opinions as to which plastic is the best for water storage. The best plastic for water bottles is either Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) or High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE). These plastic materials are safe, flexible, durable, and also toxic-free. When looking for a water bottle to buy, ensure to pick one that is either Low-Density Polyethylene or High-Density Polyethylene made.

No matter the type of plastic you desire to use for your water and beverage use, BPA-free water bottles are always best. These are plastics that guarantee your overall health and well-being. Whenever you want to pick the best plastic water bottle, ensure that it meets the criteria and is either characterized by Low-Density Polyethylene or High-Density Polyethylene. It is usually printed on the body of the bottle, so that shouldn’t be hard.

Choosing a good plastic water bottle doesn’t have to be a chore. You can always refer back to this post as a guide to help you in the decision-making process. Another thing you could do is purchase all your water bottles from We make sure that all the bottles are made from safe plastics. We also have a variety of designs as well as reusable plastic water bottles to choose from. Check out our website right here.



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