What Does Drinking Water Do For Women?

Although research states that men generally need more water than women, this finding, however, does not mean females should not drink sufficient water in a day. One effective way to achieve this is to drink enough water on the go. As much as you can, ensure to stay hydrated all day.


Having a handy and fancy water bottle that you love makes you more motivated to drink water throughout your day and stay hydrated. Whether you decide to drink strictly water or opt for other fluid options, a water bottle is still a necessity.


In this article, you’d how drinking water benefits women.


Why Is Drinking Water Important For Women?

A water bottle is an essential item to own whether you are a boy or a girl. However, due to the context of this article, we’d be exploring why a girl needs to have a water bottle with her always. Here are a few reasons why;


  1. Promotes Healthy Habits


Having a water bottle as a girl is a great way to develop healthy practices. Your body needs to stay hydrated in order to function properly. This is especially true as it promotes brain and bodily health.


Staying hydrated daily is also great for your hair and skin. So, sis if you want that glowing skin and thriving hair, ensure to get your water bottle from this site so you can stay hydrated.


  1. Promotes Physical Activity


A personalised water bottle is a great way to promote physical activity. women who engage in sports activities or frequent the gym need to stay hydrated to perform at their best. Sometimes, it might not be so convenient to get water or a hydrating fluid but coming along with yours keeps you motivated and helps you save precious time.


  1. Aids Digestion


Drinking sufficient water daily helps in easy and quick digestion of food and prevents constipation. Generally, women are more prone to having constipation than men. Drinking lots of water will help curb the situation.

  1. Regulates Body Temperature


Drastic and sudden weather change can affect anyone. However, women are more susceptible to heat-related illnesses. Drinking eniugh water can help regulate a woman’s body from the inside-out and lower chances of she developing heat exhaustion or worse, a heat stroke.


  1. Improves Breast Health


Hydration is an effective way of boosting the health and function of certain organs of the body and this includes the breasts. The more you drink water and stay hydrated, the lower your chances of developing breast cancer.


How To Choose The Right Water Bottle For Women

There are certain factors to consider before choosing a water bottle for women. It can be an overwhelming venture with the many options available. If you need to purchase a female water bottle and do not know where to begin, you can start by shopping on the site.


  • Size


When buying a water bottle for females, one important feature to look out for is the size. Most women would want a water bottle that easily fits into their handbag or backpack. The standard capacity is between 16-24 ounces. The only hitch with this is that if you run out of water while still out, you may have to find a source to refill your bottle.


You can try our 18 oz stainless steel insulated water bottle with straw. This bottle is handy and can easily fit into any sizeable bag or backpack. This water bottle exists in feminine colours like pink and purple, as well as neutral colours like mint green and silver.


  • Material


The material used to make the water bottle is another important feature to consider. There are different materials that have been used in water bottle production. This includes; glass, stainless steel, plastic and even aluminium. Plastic materials are lightweight and will be a preferred choice by women.


24 oz plastic Tritan water bottle with filter is one of our best sellers. This water bottle comes in attractive colours like pink, blue, mint green and purple. The bottle is lightweight which makes it easy to carry around. The filter feature purifies your water and makes it more hygienic and safe for drinking.


  • Design


One of the most important features some women look out for when choosing a water bottle is aesthetics. A girl will more likely pick a water bottle that reflects her personality, and this includes the design as well. Some popular designs include flowers, animal prints etc.


A recommended choice that perfectly merges a mature yet simple design is the 34 oz stainless steel insulated water bottle stitching two-colour standard mouth. This water bottle comes in two colours. The body of the bottle is divided into two halves; the upper part is one colour and the lower part is a complementing colour.


  • Personalisation


When getting a water bottle, most women would want to opt for an option that reflects their personal style and preference. This could include certain features like an inbuilt straw, a flip lid, a handle strap or even a bottle that maintains temperature. Whatever your taste or preference, the perfect bottle for you exists at FJ.


You can try the 27 oz stainless steel insulated water bottle with spout. This bottle has a little strap to ease carrying it around. This is great if straps are your style. You can purchase this in either black, navy or pink.


If owning a water bottle with a straw is more of your style, the 18 oz plastic Tritan water bottle with straw is a great fit. This water bottle has a slightly sporty look so if you’re into fitness or an athlete, you should invest in this. The design is simple yet appealing enough to carry along everywhere.


  • Temperature


If you need a water bottle to put and drink your beverage on the go, what you may need is a stainless steel bottle. This is because steel bottles help preserve the temperature of your drink. If you want it to remain hot or cold for hours, you should consider purchasing one of our insulated water bottles.



The perfect water bottle for the perfect girl exists. Although it may differ from girl to girl, it is out there on FJbottle. And like every Disney princess, you can have your water bottle dreams come true when you shop from our website.



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