6 Tips To Take Care Of Your Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle


Did you just recently purchase your insulated water bottle and are wondering what the best ways are to take care of it, preserve its durability and lifespan, and keep it from damage? This article seeks to teach you 6 practical things you can do to keep it safe and hygienic for use. If you want to have a clean water bottle always, then ensure to follow through with these steps carefully.


  1. Clean The Bottle On Time

Just in case you use this reusable water bottle for content other than water, ensure to clean it immediately after use. It is okay to use these bottles for beverages like coffee, tea or even juice. However, make it a habit of not letting these beverages sit for long hours after use before washing. Also, ensure to deep-clean the bottle rather than just giving it a simple rinse with only water. This is because if you do this continuously, over time, moulds and even germs can begin to develop inside the water bottle. It also gives the bottle a funky smell and makes your beverage or water have lost its fresh taste. All of these can be avoided if you develop a healthy habit of washing your metal water bottles on time and thoroughly too.

  1. Choose Baking Soda

Baking soda is one effective agent to clean water bottles. This wonder-working item sitting pretty on your kitchen shelf has the ability to keep your insulated water bottle hygienic and healthy. Baking soda provides one of the best ways to clean water bottles because of its antibacterial and also disinfectant properties. It is also great for eliminating odour and stains from your bottle.


To get started with this, add a measurement of one teaspoon of baking soda in to the bottle. Then add half a cup of warm water, close and swirl. Swirl it vigorously and leave it to sit for fifteen (15) minutes. You can make use of a water bottle cleaning brush if you have one. Afterwards, pour out the warm water mix and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Your stainless steel water bottle is thus clean for continuous use.


  1. Use Vinegar

White vinegar is another over-the-counter item you can use to thoroughly clean your metal water bottles. Don’t worry, this won’t leave the vinegar smell in your bottle, but would rather, eliminate the unpleasant smell, as well as bacteria and mildew. Vinegar serves as a consumable disinfectant and a sterilisation tool.

To use vinegar, put two tablespoons of white vinegar in the insulated water bottle and then add some warm water (about half the capacity of the bottle). Cap it tight and then shake it. You can use a brush as well to further give it a thorough clean. After this, pour out the warm water and vinegar mixture, rinse the bottle thoroughly and leave it to dry. Ensure it dries properly before your next use.


  1. Use Hot Liquid Soap

Just in case you do not have either baking soda or vinegar at home and need to clean your water bottle before your next shopping, you can simply use liquid soap and hot water. Simply add a substantial of liquid soap into the bottle and then add hot water. Shake it vigorously and leave it to sit for at least fifteen minutes. Afterwards, you can then use your water bottle cleaning brush to give it a good scrub. Pour out the hot liquid soap mix and rinse thoroughly. Ensure to keep rinsing it out till the water is completely clear and doesn’t have a strong smell of the soap.


If you are afraid that hot water would damage your metal water bottle, don’t worry, it is durable enough to take a little heat.


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  1. Are Dishwashers Safe?

If you are looking for a dishwasher-safe water bottle, then an insulated or stainless steel water bottle is a bad choice. This is because these materials were not designed to stand a furnace-like heat (okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but you get the point). Dishwashers can get really hot inside, which is bad for the health of your metal water bottle.


However, if you insist on using a dishwasher, ensure to keep the bottles on the top rack. This is because this section is usually cooler than the bottom. While this doesn’t totally guarantee the lifespan of the insulated water bottle, it will at least delay the damage. The best way to clean water bottles is still by hand.


  1. Keep Dry To Store

After washing your water bottle via any of the aforementioned procedures, ensure to dry out the water with a clean cloth and then leave it out to get some air before keeping it away for storage. This is so because if you don’t leave it to dry completely and store it with some residue of water, this water can become mucky which gives room for bacteria to thrive. It is also advisable to let your water bottles get some sunlight sometimes, as this helps in killing bacteria. Whatever you do, just ensure that you are not storing your stainless steel water bottle in a damp or wet condition.


Stainless steel is still one of the best materials for making a reusable water bottle after plastic. However, you need to know the best tips and practices for caring for your water bottle. This helps you maximize its strength and durability. For more tips on how to care for your insulated water bottle or even to purchase a bottle for yourself, do checkout our website.



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