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34 oz Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle


FJ always care about your health and change the way you drink water! Buy our bottle with confidence, enjoy free return!

Color: Mint Green

Mint Green

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FJ 1000ml stainless steel insulated water bottle. Keep cold & keep hot Double vacuum stainless, keep you hydrated anytime.




Bottle x 1

Lid   x 1

Bag  x 1


Inner layer:  316 medical grade stainless steel

Lid: Wide mouth straw lid with dust-proof cap

Capacity 34 oz
Weight 470 g
Colors Available Green


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great water bottle for traveling

Bought this bottle for a recent trip. The water bottle cover was great for keeping the bottle clean and keeping the bottle off surfaces. The bottle itself is sturdy and leak proof. One downside is that the mouth of the bottle is very wide and it is easy to spill when drinking out of it.

Love my water bottle, works perfectly

It keeps the ice for most of the day and after it has melted, the water is kept cool for almost half of the next day. Wish it was a little shorter but love it nevertheless. Very pleased with my purchase 😀

Durable, keeps water cold for a long time

This water bottle has exceeded my expectations in that it keeps ice/water cold for a long time, and it very durable. I use this in doing construction projects around the home, and it has fallen numerous times from various heights w/o any damage. Equally important, given how hot and humid this summer has been, having the ability to have ice water all day makes doing these projects more doable. I also love the teal color, easy to distinguish among the clutter.

There are a couple of negatives: the opening is on the small side, so only small to medium ice cubes will fit, and not always easy to do so. Likewise, not the easiest to clean given the narrow opening, though for me, I only use it for water so cleaning has been a minimal issue but could imagine mold being a problem if you introduce sugary liquids. Like all such products, the water has the metal ting, though I think a bit better than other stainless steel water bottles. Some might not like the screw on top that isn't attached to the bottle, I could see losing it over time, but I haven't had any issue with it. I should add that the narrow opening does make a difference in keeping water/ice colder compared with a similar size water bottle, but with a much wider opening.

Overall, I would recommend this water bottle.

What a deal!

It keeps ice for days and comes with the insulated jacket for an unbelievable price!

Nadian Brissette
Great Buy

I am so loving this water bottle I was doubting the size and surprisingly it’s a very big one . I had hot water in it for over 10 hours so just imagine how long your cold beverage or water would last. If you are looking vacuum flask water bottle FJ Bottle is the one to run with . It also comes with a case that you will 💗 for easy carry