FJ Bottle

Change The Way You Drink Water

FJ Bottle is the brainchild of Feijian, our founder and CEO. He has lived everywhere from Lebanon, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, and India to France and the UK before settling in New Jersey, the USA in the year 2002.  

On these extensive travels, he would indulge in outdoor hiking and trekking and developed a love for fitness and health. To replenish his energy and stay hydrated at all times, he decided to make the perfect water bottle that would help travelers all across the world. That is when the idea of FJ Bottle came into being. 

In 2003, Feijian took up the letters of his name and set up production factory in China to give birth to the family owned business FJ Bottle. At first, he started with sports water bottles but later on other different types of bottles were added. The business picked up pace due to its innovative ideas and went on to become a huge phenomenon not only in the US, Germany, France and UK but also in the Janpan. 

The International Appeal

FJ Bottle’s rising popularity made it a brand not only popular in the US but all across Europe as well. With several operating fronts, the success of FJ Bottle truly hit the skies. After starting the business in the USA, our founder soon realized that the demand for good quality and user friendly bottles was ever increasing so they decided to expand. The family owned business stayed true to its roots and began growing exponentially.

At first, we hit the UK market and met ad created an excellent customer base. After the budding success in the UK, we developed further and deeper into the German, French and Janpan bottle industries. It turns out that people will always appreciate a great product and that is exactly what we are offering: the very best product in the market. We plan on shipping worldwide in the future and reaching out to an even bigger audience because everyone deserves a good drinking water companion. 


An Overview

We are a family owned company that makes water bottles for all your water bottle needs. We create some amazing insulated water bottles that keep hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold. Our quality is our identity and we do not compromise on the product no matter how hard it gets. We maintain the utmost standard and that is the only constant for us. 

Our Motto

We want to change the way you drink water. Too many times and for far too long have we had to live with mediocre water bottles that do not come up to the required standards. They are either leaky or dripping everywhere, the caps do not go on or are too tight, the bottle is either too small or too large and there are plenty of other problems that can come your way. All of these problems can be avoided if a little thought is put into the creation of the perfect water bottle. We have actually done that and we hope that you can see the difference when you use our water bottle in comparison to any other on the market.

Our motto is to provide you with something so great and user friendly that you are spoilt and can never truly go back to using an average water bottle ever again. We have kept you in mind and created the perfect water bottle. The best part about water bottles is that they are not at all a trouble to deal with, they do not leak or drip, they are the perfect size for your hands and mouth, and they are designed keeping in mind that every sip you take is a comfortable one. It is the ambition of our company to provide you with the utmost ease is there is possible so that your workouts and everyday life are positively affected.


Our founder and CEO is an absolute fitness enthusiasts who really cares about health and is always vigilant about his diet and workout routine. Because of this mindset, he is really able to look into the health and fitness side of water bottles and really do his best to give you a water bottle that would bring an end to all of your issues. It is of the utmost importance to us that we help you out in your fitness journey by providing you with something that becomes your water drinking companion and helpful addition to your workout routine rather than a problem.

We make it the very purpose of our company to come up with the best possible partnership for your fitness and healthy mindset. We want you to grab life by the thread and simply own it. We wish that you begin every day with the best possible attitude towards life and that every step you take is one in the positive direction. 

The Products at FJ Bottle

We offer any and every type of water bottle you can imagine. We have thought of it all beforehand and will cater to your needs like no one else ever will. We bring you a wide range of insulated water bottles that are just perfect for you in every way possible. We have sleek stainless steel bottles as well as beautiful matte plastic ones, glass bottles and also Titanium bottle. They can be used for sports and even everyday life. Not only this but we also offer a great range of children's water bottles as well. 

We have kept your needs of everyday life in our minds when we designed this product. It will never disappoint because we have tested it again and again with a trial and error method. So whether it be a school water bottle for your child or a gym water bottle for you, we tailored to your needs. 

Our Policy

There is one thing about the products at FJ Bottle, you get what you see, there is no faking it with us. We 100% provide you with the product that we show you in the images. It is all about being honest with the customer with us. Nowhere will you find yourself misguided or tricked in any way possible. We are a transparent company that truly loves what it creates and everything we make is not some mass produced cheap quality product but one of the highest quality. 

The Bottle Revolution

We just do not say that we want to bring a change in the way you drink water, we mean it. We wish to bring about a water bottle revolution in which you do away with all the things that troubled you about water bottles and welcome the greatest and latest designs. FJ Bottle aims at bringing to you the most modern and the chicest water bottles there are on the market. We do not have any competition because no one can match the research and technology we put in our insulated water bottles. 

Just imagine a bottle that has no issues whatsoever, it does what it is required to do and it does not cause you any trouble. No leaking, no breakage, no trouble opening, no issues closing and it keeps your water at a suitable temperature. Yes, FJ Bottle is truly the dream when it comes to the perfect water bottle. 

Partner Brands

Ever since the conception of FJ Bottle, we have been asked time and again by so many different companies to partner with them to create the perfect water bottle. We have only chosen the very best companies to partner with because we are awfully proud of our designs and the way we present them.

Our partners include renowned coffee chain Starbucks, the very famous car makers at Bugatti, Japanese retail giant MiniSo, Chinese Tech brand Mi and many many more. All these amazing companies have chosen us because we provide the best quality you will ever receive.  

State Of The Art Design

Our design team is presided over by our head designer Kris Bole who has impeccable style. Our team is ever ready to create the most beautiful and colorful patterns for your children in our children's water bottle range. We are also adding new and improved designs every single time to our increasing insulated water bottle collection. You will always find us working very hard to provide you with the best new designs and styles when it comes to our water bottles. We hope to continue producing the most gorgeous new patterns and styles for you to take along on your next workout!

Our Customer Service

We are known throughout 6 countries for our amazing customer service. We take a whole lot of pride in providing the very best to our customers. Our policies always ease the process for the customer and we are always eager to help in any way possible. We reply to you on time and take care of you just like family. That is what we consider our clientele across the world: our family. So worry not, we are forever here for you. 

More About FJ Bottle

Vision: FJ products to be the international No. 1 brand of water bottle.

Mission: Use " a bottle'' love to operate bottle business, to provide healthy, portable and intellective bottle, guided by environment-friendy & utility life.

Goal: With technologigal innovation, high quality as the core

With our quality designs and state of the art water bottles, we welcome any questions and queries. 

You may contact us by email at or call us at +13304434754